Herringthorpe School

his project was initially funded by Children in Need and ran for 3 years. Up until July 2016, the school funded the service themselves because it had proved very beneficial to them.

The Family Liaison Worker supported the children in the classroom with cooking and other activities. The worker acted as a translator for the teachers and parents. She attended school trips and outings, supported mums, lone parents and children with learning disabilities.She has also attended hospital appointments with the mum of a child with Autism, learning difficulties and behavioural problems. In addition, she has supported parents by filling in forms.

We are working with Herringthorpe School to continue to look for other funding sources to continue to provide this kind of service.

When Yasmin first started coming, I was very stressed and needed help with filling in forms. I found these tasks very difficult due to the language barrier. Yasmin would visit me at home and go through the paper work with me. She also helped me in school, as an interpreter, so I could talk to teachers about my concerns. Yasmin’s help has improved my life so much, instead of stressing out about appointments; I can now spend quality time with my children. She is also helping me to improve my English. She is always there when I need her and makes sure I am happy with anything she is supporting us with.

Mrs A – Mum supported by Family Liaison Officer at Herringthorpe School