Volunteers are an integral part of this organisation and we recognise the huge contribution that volunteers make.

We rely heavily on volunteers, who carry out a variety of roles including Session Helpers, Administrator, Receptionist, Marketing, Handy Person, Creche Assistants, Fundraisers, Trustees and Advisory Members.

Nazia volunteering at the Canvas Session

The majority of volunteers have been service users, including some women who are not literate in any language and are at the early stages of gaining Confidence in English.

To recognise this, we ensure all volunteers feel valued and that they are working in a safe and supported environment. Without volunteers Tassibee would not be the successful organisation that it currently is.

We try to ensure their role continuously develops to meet their needs and the needs of the organisation. To do this we provide:

  • A variety of volunteer opportunities
  • Flexible commitments
  • Induction training and opportunities to access further training & development
  • Social activities
  • Guidance and support from staff and other volunteers
  • Volunteer expenses

Why Do People Volunteer for Tassibee?

Volunteering with Tassibee makes a difference (directly or indirectly) to the service users we work with.  Many of our volunteers and Helpers have supported Tassibee for many years and their contributions have been extremely valued and appreciated.  In addition, they have:

  • Gained new skills, knowledge and experience
  • Developed existing skills and knowledge
  • Increased their chances of getting paid work
  • Gained confidence and self esteem
  • Met new people and made friends
  • Gained knowledge of the local community
  • Many of our volunteers have gone onto paid work

If you would like to volunteer for us have a look at the VAR – I Want to Volunteer for a list of the current roles available within Tassibee.