Who’s Who

Chief Executive – Khalida Luqman

I am the CEO of Tassibee. I have worked for Tassibee since it began. I perform a strategic role, working with partners and funders to ensure the continued success of the organisation and the work it carries out. I work closely with the Board to ensure that Tassibee is driven by its Mission and Core Values. I feel it’s my responsibility and take pride in ensuring that Tassibee continues to change, develop and respond to the needs of its users and the community as a whole.

Admin & Finance Manager – Kathy Wilkinson

I maintain the admin and finance of Tassibee which includes motivating the staff and ensuring we get value for money at every level.  Funding is a high priority and we are working to ensure that we have full resources and staffing levels to ensure that the service users can make the most out of what we offer.

Project Officers – Fiona Martin and Yasmeen Ali

Our role is to support the ladies who are isolated within the community as part of the Tassibee Advocacy Community Service. We deliver the Tassibee Wellbeing Programme, which offers sessions to help the ladies come together, develop new skills and share experiences.  We also offer advocacy support to help the ladies access information and make informed choices.

The organisation also employees a number of staff on short-term, part-time contracts to support the various projects that we undertake.