EID and TACS Launch Party

Tassibee held their annual EID  and Official TACS Project Launch PARTY on 12th June.

A total of 75 women attended the party along with local partners, VAR, Barnardo’s and RotherFed who all had information stalls at the event.
Many thanks to Tesco and Asda who provided much needed food and refreshment donations which enabled the women to enjoy a healthy meal after the party celebrations.

We have been very fortunate to have been granted an additional 3 years of funding from the Community Fund (formerly known as National Lottery Fund) to continue with the Tassibee Advocacy and Community Support Programme.

The programme will focus on user led sessions and we have quite a few women who have been on the journey with us from Year 1 who are now keen to explore their talents and teach what they have learnt to new women coming along to Tassibee.

Exciting sessions have been planned along with the Health and Wellbeing, we now have our very own Yoga Instruction who is keen to encourage more women to take up this relaxing activity which is also fabulous for their general health.

Cllr Rose McNeeley and Cllr Sagir Alam both attended the celebration and Tassibee are very grateful for the support they both give to Tassibee.  Both are keen to retain strong links with Tassibee and both openly encourage local community members to attend the sessions.  5 volunteers were awarded with certifications of appreciation and 5 further volunteers received flowers for their contribution to the classes which were held during the month of Ramadan.

Lovely event as always  and looking forward to working with you.



Urban Retreat Day


Monday 4th March 11am – 4pm at TAssibee Centre

This retreat day will allow you to experience more balance, less stress in your life.

You will learn specific yogic techniques to live a healthier life. It’s a day to take a break from normal life to re-connect to yourself, to throw off stress, strengthen and rejuvenate yourself.

There will be many experienced teachers to guide you through the day, so that you get the many benefits of the yoga practice. So, if you would like to come together with other women to share, try new foods, relax and re-new yourself for spring.

All you need to do is contact Sat Nadar at Tassibee 01709 377750 and we will reserve you a place.

There are limited places as we only certain amount of room.

What’s Happening at Tassibee over Summer

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather, feels like Summer has arrived early 🙂

Here at Tassibee, we have listened to what you have been asking for as part of our Consultation period. Kathy and Fiona are busy working through your ideas on putting some funding applications together to help us getting funding to continue running TACS programme; start a citizenship programme; using technology to develop life skills; ICT the basics; Healthy cooking and trips to name a few!

We have also been busy working the partners and are offering the following activities during the next few months at Tassibee.

Keep Fit

If you are keeping up to date with us on Facebook, you will know that we have been meeting with Rotherham United Football Community Trust (RUFCT).  They are offering a Netball, Badminton and Walking Group for women and families during the summer holiday – starting week commencing 23rd July until 29th August.

Anyone who is interested in joining in these session, can meet with one of our Project Workers (Fiona and Yasmeen) beforehand at Tassibee, and we will go together. This will be a lovely opportunity to meet like minded women, have some fun, whilst getting fit.  See our events page for more information.

Also remember we have links with the Get Healthy Rotherham. If you register online, you can arrange to meet one of their Health Coaches. We are even running surgeries at Tassibee on Wednesdays.

Social Events and Trips Out

Tassibee Annual Trip this year is going to Scarborough on 10th July, we have had a lot of interest and tickets are selling fast.

Tassibee is running a Breakfast Group on Wednesdays throughout July – Pop in after you have dropped the kids off at school and enjoy the opportunity to have a chat over breakfast and meet other like minded women. Children are welcome.

We are also working with RUFCT to look at organising monthly mini bus trips out to local parks such as Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Clumber Park for a walk and picnic. More details to follow.

Craft and Sewing Sessions

We have started running our Wellbeing Craft Sessions again. Yesterday (and continuing on 24th July) we were busy making cards using punches. The ladies had a great laugh and it was lovely to see women young and ‘mature’.

We will be starting a Scrapbooking Project during July and August.  Scrapbooking is all about telling a story. It is an opportunity to creatively document an event or moments in your life. We will be providing support to plan your scrapbook; research quotes and phrases and provide resources, so you can create something that is personal to you. It doesn’t matter if you can’t make every week, just pop into the session you can.

The Sewing Sessions will continue during July and August. This is an opportunity for you to try out little projects or try your hand at quilting.

Tajweed Classes

We are honoured that Fadwua will be hosting 6 weeks of Tajweed classes twice a week. She will be holding sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays 12 – 1pm at Tassibee. The classes are accessible to all women, regardless of your ability and previous reading.

English and Reading Classes

Ummeed will be starting reading classes in September at Tassibee, again more information to come.

If you are interested in learning English, you can still join the ATL English classes, they will be run throughout the summer break.

Hopefully there is something there that you fancy trying 🙂

If you want any further information on anything happening at Tassibee please call us on 377750


Protecting Yourself from the Evil Eye

Over the last two weeks, we have started running this year’s Ramadan classes at Tassibee. We have invited Mahmoon, Mehnaaz, Asama to come in to share their learning.

These sessions offer an opportunity to further expand our understanding around the topics and help us to share our experiences and learn from others.

Last week, we had an interesting session on the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye is referred to as ‘Al-ayn’ in Arabic, which is the incidence of a person causing harm to another – consciously or unconsciously – with his eye. It may start off with the person just liking or appreciating something in another individual, but the feeling may fester into more negative feelings of jealousy and sheer envy, which may end up harming the other person.

We had stimulating discussions on the right to be angry, but never have the right to mistreat or disrespect anyone and how the Evil Eye and jealousy can lead a man to his grave. We looked at the dangerous and negative concept of jealousy and how it effects the person. There are two types of jealousy: one comes from looking at something and the other jealousy can form from hearing something. Jealously destroys the good deeds of the person and we need to protect ourselves from the Evil Eye.

The booklet “Ruqya – Protection from Evil Eye” can help show us how to protect ourselves and quotes Duas from the Quran that help to protect and get rid of jealousy and envy. Copies can be obtained from Tassibee.

For me, it was an enlightening to understand how the Evil Eye affects a person, and that we can protect ourselves and our children. This session has giving me the opportunity to ask questions and find out more. By offering an informal platform, Asama (the tutor) has made us feel comfortable and supported, no matter what your questions are. It has been a good opportunity for me to refresh my Deen. Anyone attending can speak in whatever language they feel comfortable with, whether that be Urdu, Mirpuri or English.

It is important we remember during Ramadan some may struggle with it and others don’t. Don’t chastise them, instead show the spirit of Ramadan. Do not fast from ego, judgements and most importantly don’t fast for people.

If you wish to attend any of the remaining sessions, we are holding them at Tassibee every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 12:30 – 2:30pm. Just turn up at Tassibee Centre and join us.

Khalida Lupman – Chief Executive

You Are Never Too Old to Learn Another Language

15 women attending ATL English lessons at Tassibee Centre, have shown you are never too old to learn a new language.
Tassibee were proud to host a joint Award Ceremony with ATL  last Tuesday for all the ladies who had worked so hard and passed their City and Guilds English Entry Levels 1 – 3. All the ladies were presented with a certificate from Rose McNealy, local councillor, and Andy Heseltine, Operations Manager Achieve Through Learning (ATL). The ceremony ended with a celebrator meal. 
Rose McNealy, congratulated the ladies for their hard work and suggested they might want to consider getting a pen pal, someone to correspond with and write to about their lives, “this is a fantastic way to improve your English”.
“The ladies have done a fantastic job. They have worked so hard, coming to the Tassibee Centre twice a week for their English lessons. It has been wonderful to see their confidence increase over the months and all their hard work pay off. Chris from ATL has been so encouraging and supportive. Together, they achieved a 100% pass rate. We have noticed the ladies who attend our sessions, are continuing to practice and ask questions in English when we have guest speakers attending our wellbeing classes. They have made brilliant progress over the last few months” said Fiona Martin, Project Officer from Tassibee Centre.
“I have really enjoyed coming to the classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I am so happy, I can now read to my grandchildren and take them to the library” revealed Tazeem Sadique who has passed her Entry Level 2.
Chris Meads, ATL Tutor expressed that is had been impressed watching the women’s confidence improve over the months and listen to how they are enjoying activities they would never have tried before. “They are no longer scared to get on a bus or go to the doctors alone.”
Tassibee Centre will be continuing to host the City and Guilds English Entry Level qualification with ATL. If you would like further information about joining our classes, please contact Kathy at Tassibee Centre on 01709 377750

Annual Tassibee Summer Trip

This year Tassibee will be taking its annual summer trip to chester and cheshire oaks. Lets hope it doesn’t rain this year!

We will be spending time in Chester – this will be an opportunity for you to take a walk in the park, go shopping, enjoy a boat trip on the river or visit the Cathedral.

We will then go to Cheshire Oaks, where you can spend time looking around the shops in the retail park and get some great discounts.

This is a family day out for members to socialise and have fun.

Tickets are £10 per seat.

Anyone wanting a ticket contact Tassibee office between 9:30 and 3pm.

Coach will be leaving Pak Supermarket on Wellgate at 7:45.

Places are limited and tickets will be sold on first come first served basis. Payment  is required in advance and tickets will not be available in the day. Please note we can not give a refund if you cancel within 3 days of the trip.

Tassibee Celebrates Diversity within Rotherham

This year, Tassibee organised the Celebrating Diversity Event at Boston Castle, to bring together and celebrate the different communities and cultures within Rotherham.  The day was a huge success.  The sun was out, and nearly a 1000 people came to enjoy the fun.  The Mayor of Rotherham Cllr Eve Rose Keenan, Sarah Champion MP, Councillor Sagir Alam and Councillor Rose McNeely greeted local people and spoke about bringing communities together and the importance of community cohesion.

Visitors enjoyed a vast selection of attractions ranging from a Punch and Judy show, Sheffield Highland Pipers, classic Hindu dancers, Romanian dancers, Funfair and free food tasting from around the world. In addition, other charities were present providing local information from their stalls. The event closed with Khalida Luqman, The CEO of Tassibee completing the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Khalida said “The celebrate event brought people together from the community, through food, entertainment and art people celebrated diversity and learnt appreciated different cultures”

Sarah Champion MP said “I have loved today, this is the best of Rotherham.  It’s celebrating diversity; its bringing the whole community together in a real safe celebration.  It is what we need more of in the town, it is what our town is about.  Not the diversion you see on the news”

Les Selby, a visitor to the event commented “It is wonderful to see the different children from different cultures playing together, as a team, in the Rotherham United football pitch”

Mayor of Rotherham commented later in the week “It was such a great event that I stayed even longer than planned.  So many people from so many backgrounds all uniting together at this brilliant event plus the food was amazing”.