Tassibee Facebook support during Ramadan

During this time of Ramadan, also this time of lockdown, our own Sat Nadar will be posting information, videos, and links that may support you in your life on our Tassibee Facebook page.

The body, mind and spirit are inextricably linked and for us to be healthy and balanced it is beneficial for us to find what works for us because we are all different.

Her posts are aimed at guiding you to certain points that may support you through this sacred time of fasting and prayer as well as staying at home this year. Sat Nadar will also be sharing videos on the breath – that give you tools to keep your mind balanced and keep you centred.

We hope you will enjoy the posts and videos, please give me Sat Nadar feedback and keep in touch.  You can contact Sat Nadar at satnadar@tassibee.co.uk if you have any questions or want to give her feedback.

Follow us on Tassibee Facebook and access Sat Nadar’s posts.


New Course starting this September – Life Skills Classes

The purpose of these classes is to learn essential life skills to tackle daily challenges identified by our members. It also provides you with an opportunity to improve your English.

From September until December we will be focusing on issues you face with Banking e.g. dealing with paperwork – application forms, payment slips; providing ID; using bank cards, chequebooks; setting up standing orders and direct debits; using bank cash machines and help desks; online shopping using debit card.

These sessions will use range a learning methods including working with practical documents; role playing; visits to banks; learning computer skills and improving your reading and spoken English.

We will run the sessions on Monday with Sat Nadar and Yasmeen. Yasmeen will also offer additional sessions on Thursdays for women who needing extra support with their English. Sessions will run 9:30 – 11:30.

If you are interested in joining these classes, please contact Tassibee on 01709 377750

EID and TACS Launch Party

Tassibee held their annual EID  and Official TACS Project Launch PARTY on 12th June.

A total of 75 women attended the party along with local partners, VAR, Barnardo’s and RotherFed who all had information stalls at the event.
Many thanks to Tesco and Asda who provided much needed food and refreshment donations which enabled the women to enjoy a healthy meal after the party celebrations.

We have been very fortunate to have been granted an additional 3 years of funding from the Community Fund (formerly known as National Lottery Fund) to continue with the Tassibee Advocacy and Community Support Programme.

The programme will focus on user led sessions and we have quite a few women who have been on the journey with us from Year 1 who are now keen to explore their talents and teach what they have learnt to new women coming along to Tassibee.

Exciting sessions have been planned along with the Health and Wellbeing, we now have our very own Yoga Instruction who is keen to encourage more women to take up this relaxing activity which is also fabulous for their general health.

Cllr Rose McNeeley and Cllr Sagir Alam both attended the celebration and Tassibee are very grateful for the support they both give to Tassibee.  Both are keen to retain strong links with Tassibee and both openly encourage local community members to attend the sessions.  5 volunteers were awarded with certifications of appreciation and 5 further volunteers received flowers for their contribution to the classes which were held during the month of Ramadan.

Lovely event as always  and looking forward to working with you.



Spring Blog

Spring is in the air and it’s a great time to get outside!

At Tassibee, we are going out on weekly walks on Mondays 10.30 – 11.30am, just in the local area. A brisk walk has many health benefits like:

  • Increased heart and lung fitness
  • Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Improved blood pressure and diabetes
  • Helps joints and muscular stiffness
  • Reduced body fat

If you would like to join us, the next meet up is Monday 15th April at Tassibee , ready to leave at 10.30am

We are going to be continuing with Yoga Sessions on Mondays 1-2pm and Wednesdays 10-11am. The focus of this month will be the Mind, letting go of stress and anxiety in our bodies.

We learn more about:

  • How we hold emotions in our body, and how this has a direct effect on our thoughts
  • Certain breath techniques which are ways to use the breath to balance the mind
  • Foods, learning what to eliminate from the diet and what foods are good for the mind
  • Which movements and postures will allow you to uncover the blocks in the body and support you, to move you past the mind

Lottery Comes Through Again!!! – Tassibee Ladies Ecstatic!

Tassibee are pleased to announce that they have been granted continuation funding from The National Lottery Community Fund: Reaching Communities to continue to deliver its successful Tassibee Advocacy Community Service Programme (TACS) for another 3 years.

Over the last three years we have supported over 250 women with a range of activities that promote mental and physical wellbeing for Asian adults aged 50+ in Rotherham.  “Before coming to Tassibee I didn’t go out and was in the house for weeks alone; now I feel happier in myself and the migraines I used to have, have eased off. Most days I don’t suffer from them anymore. I am really grateful for the sessions set up by Tassibee as they have given me the opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and I now feel part of a community” says a Tassibee member.

Drawing on this momentum, the new funding enables us to extend the existing programme guided by members of Tassibee and develop new services that support all BAME women in Rotherham regardless of their age.

The programme will continue to offer our:

TACS Advocacy Service

Helping you to access information on care, health and social services in order to make informed choices.

TACS Wellbeing Programme.

Weekly workshops will be available focusing on craft activities; Information sessions delivered by guest speakers who are experts in social and health sectors; attending Yoga and Walking Groups. 

TACS Befriending Programme

We have a group of volunteers who will continue to offer a befriending service to the most isolated members of our community.

Life Skills Training

This new area will focus on developing resilience and Life Skills, and also help members learn to use technology.

Talking to the women attending the Centre,

Munir said “I really enjoy coming to Tassibee; it has helped me to progress and I can now help others and show them how to do crafts. It makes me feel good about myself.”

Taseem added “I have arthritis and coming to Tassibee helps me get out of the bed.  I love the ladies so much, they are now my friends and I am very happy that we can carry on coming to the Centre.”

Khalida, Chief Executive says “We are proud as an organisation, to have received the continuation funding to support the women further their journey.    This will help more ladies who are socially excluded and isolated to come to Tassibee and learn new skills, share their ideas and gain confidence.    Existing service users will lead the way as they are becoming more independent and the programme is helping them manage their day to day chores whilst dealing with their long-term health conditions.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our TACS programme contact Kathy at Tassibee on 01709 377750

Urban Retreat Day


Monday 4th March 11am – 4pm at TAssibee Centre

This retreat day will allow you to experience more balance, less stress in your life.

You will learn specific yogic techniques to live a healthier life. It’s a day to take a break from normal life to re-connect to yourself, to throw off stress, strengthen and rejuvenate yourself.

There will be many experienced teachers to guide you through the day, so that you get the many benefits of the yoga practice. So, if you would like to come together with other women to share, try new foods, relax and re-new yourself for spring.

All you need to do is contact Sat Nadar at Tassibee 01709 377750 and we will reserve you a place.

There are limited places as we only certain amount of room.

Take Stock and Re-Connect with Yourself

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Welcome to 2019….. 

January has a way of jumping up on us that can jolt us out of the over indulgence and social time of December and bring us back to reality of day to day living! It is a time to take stock and look at what we would like to do differently. It’s a time to re-connect to all the aspects of our self and ask is this how I would like to continue? Or do I want to change? 

January can be an extreme month – it can be a time when people start crash diets, begin crazy exercise regimes and become obsessed with losing weight. However, the more balanced way to be, is to just make small changes to your lifestyle for longer term health benefits and to live a happier, healthier life. 

Small changes can be just starting your day with celery juice has so many healing benefits to the body – too many to mention here but basically if you suffer from any autoimmune disorders, balances blood pressure. If you would like to know more, have a look at Celery Juice Stands Alone

Another way to bring more balance to your mind, strength and vitality in your body and lightness in your spirit is Kundalini Yoga.

I have begun teaching two classes per week at The Tassibee Centre since December and this can bring so many health benefits to you. This yoga is a dynamic blend of physical postures, breathing, moving, stretching, meditation, mantra and relaxation. The combination of which activates the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, expands the lung capacity, and purifies the bloodstream.

If you would like 10 more reasons to do it – look up 10 Great Reasons To Do Kundalini Yoga 

So, this is a start, step by step, small changes! I will be teaching Kundalini Yoga  Wednesday 9th January 10-11am at the Tassibee Centre. We have yoga mats, so please just bring yourself and an open heart to try something new! 

Sending much love and blessings to you for a creative and peaceful 2019, 

Sat Nadar xx

Have A Calm and Peaceful December

At this time of the year, it is always such a busy time. The days have become shorter, so there is less daylight and it can feel that we never have the time to just stop and relax. When we keep going, we may feel, we may feel we are getting burnt out.

Burnout is when we have been under a lot of stress for a significant amount of time. The symptoms are exhaustion, lack of motivation, frustration or other negative emotions, cognitive problems – forgetfulness, health problems, not taking care of yourself, getting into more conflicts with people at home or at work.

There are many tools in Kundalini Yoga to give us the space to feel rejuvenated and centred. The meditation for burnout is a wonderful tool to bring us back in balance.

We will be experiencing these powerful and uplifting tools every week in the yoga and meditation classes every Monday 1.30-2.30pm and Wednesday 10-11am at Tassibee.

Join us for an uplifting session and a cup of warming yogi tea afterwards.

Meditation for Burn-Out

This is the best thing to do when you think you are getting burned out. The mudra is a dormant state of energy. We totally zero our authoritative magnetic field.

Practice this meditation only when there is time to remain still and relaxed upon completion

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

Mudra: Fold the thumbs across the palms of each hand until the thumb tips rest at the base of the Mercury (ring) finger. Bring the backs of the hands together in front of the Heart Center and press them together firmly. The upper hands are not as closely pressed together as the backs of the fingers. Keep the arms comfortable and relaxed, and the elbows as loose as possible.

Breath: Deeply inhale in 8 equal parts through the nose. Completely exhale in 8 equal parts.

Eyes: Focus at the tip of the nose.

Time: Begin by practicing this meditation for 11 minutes. When you feel competent at this time, increase to 22 minutes. Then increase to 31 minutes.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan – This kriya can be found in KRIYA, available through KRI.

Yoga Taster Sessions – Manage Your Stress Better

Would you like to manage your stress better?

Learn to use simple yogic technology that refreshes your spirit, energises your physical body and brings calmness to the mind.  This yoga is for everyone, young mother’s who have little time for themselves, women who are going through changes in their body, so they can help support their hormones and older women who feel they would like more energy and re-vitalise themselves.

Mondays taster sessions -Starting 3rd December 1.30-2.30pm.

You will begin with simple breathing techniques that will change the way you see yourself and give you a completely different perspective of yourself. You will learn about fundamental postures to support your mind, body and spirit – allowing you to feel more relaxed and peaceful. We will end the session with a warming cup of Yogi Tea. The health benefits of this heavenly cup of tea is great for your digestion and its known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Wednesday TAster Sessions – starting 5th December 10–11am

You will learn how to bring more energy into your body through the breath of fire, which has many benefits – cleans your blood, supports your nervous system and enlarges your lung capacity. You will also learn a way of bringing the sun energy into your body as you go more into the winter months and how just 3 minutes of breath and movement can uplift your moods.



What’s Happening at Tassibee over Summer

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather, feels like Summer has arrived early 🙂

Here at Tassibee, we have listened to what you have been asking for as part of our Consultation period. Kathy and Fiona are busy working through your ideas on putting some funding applications together to help us getting funding to continue running TACS programme; start a citizenship programme; using technology to develop life skills; ICT the basics; Healthy cooking and trips to name a few!

We have also been busy working the partners and are offering the following activities during the next few months at Tassibee.

Keep Fit

If you are keeping up to date with us on Facebook, you will know that we have been meeting with Rotherham United Football Community Trust (RUFCT).  They are offering a Netball, Badminton and Walking Group for women and families during the summer holiday – starting week commencing 23rd July until 29th August.

Anyone who is interested in joining in these session, can meet with one of our Project Workers (Fiona and Yasmeen) beforehand at Tassibee, and we will go together. This will be a lovely opportunity to meet like minded women, have some fun, whilst getting fit.  See our events page for more information.

Also remember we have links with the Get Healthy Rotherham. If you register online, you can arrange to meet one of their Health Coaches. We are even running surgeries at Tassibee on Wednesdays.

Social Events and Trips Out

Tassibee Annual Trip this year is going to Scarborough on 10th July, we have had a lot of interest and tickets are selling fast.

Tassibee is running a Breakfast Group on Wednesdays throughout July – Pop in after you have dropped the kids off at school and enjoy the opportunity to have a chat over breakfast and meet other like minded women. Children are welcome.

We are also working with RUFCT to look at organising monthly mini bus trips out to local parks such as Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Clumber Park for a walk and picnic. More details to follow.

Craft and Sewing Sessions

We have started running our Wellbeing Craft Sessions again. Yesterday (and continuing on 24th July) we were busy making cards using punches. The ladies had a great laugh and it was lovely to see women young and ‘mature’.

We will be starting a Scrapbooking Project during July and August.  Scrapbooking is all about telling a story. It is an opportunity to creatively document an event or moments in your life. We will be providing support to plan your scrapbook; research quotes and phrases and provide resources, so you can create something that is personal to you. It doesn’t matter if you can’t make every week, just pop into the session you can.

The Sewing Sessions will continue during July and August. This is an opportunity for you to try out little projects or try your hand at quilting.

Tajweed Classes

We are honoured that Fadwua will be hosting 6 weeks of Tajweed classes twice a week. She will be holding sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays 12 – 1pm at Tassibee. The classes are accessible to all women, regardless of your ability and previous reading.

English and Reading Classes

Ummeed will be starting reading classes in September at Tassibee, again more information to come.

If you are interested in learning English, you can still join the ATL English classes, they will be run throughout the summer break.

Hopefully there is something there that you fancy trying 🙂

If you want any further information on anything happening at Tassibee please call us on 377750