This took place at the end of Ramadan 2015. This was a multicultural event aimed at bringing together members of the community from different backgrounds. The event took place at Tassibee. The activities available were face painting, bouncy castle, a children’s entertainer who made animal balloons, games, henna painting and a food stall. This joint funded event with RotherFed and was attended by over 200 people who joined in the celebrations.

Blackpool and Windmere Trips

The Blackpool and Windmere Trips were funded from the Luncheon Club Lottery Funding. Both were well attended with approximately 108 women attending the Windermere trip and 55 women attending on the Blackpool trip. Children also went along with family members. Although both were wet and windy days, the women enjoyed themselves. For many it was their first experience on a boat.

International Women’s Day

There were two events to celebrate the International Women’s day. The first was held at Clifton Methodist Church. This was a three course meal attended by diverse groups of women. There were stalls selling a variety of delicious buns, cakes, homemade jam and marmalade. Tassibee ran a tombola and its famous scarf stall. The guest of honour who gave a spectacular speech was MEP Linda Mcavan.

There was also a dinner in Wakefield to celebrate International Women’s Day. This was a large event with a number of influential speakers including Linda who congratulated Tassibee and the work they do working with women. Linda has been a huge advocate and supporter of Tassibee during this year. £7600 was raised from both events which went towards the Tasibeh Girls School.