Tassibee Celebrates Diversity within Rotherham

This year, Tassibee organised the Celebrating Diversity Event at Boston Castle, to bring together and celebrate the different communities and cultures within Rotherham.  The day was a huge success.  The sun was out, and nearly a 1000 people came to enjoy the fun.  The Mayor of Rotherham Cllr Eve Rose Keenan, Sarah Champion MP, Councillor Sagir Alam and Councillor Rose McNeely greeted local people and spoke about bringing communities together and the importance of community cohesion.

Visitors enjoyed a vast selection of attractions ranging from a Punch and Judy show, Sheffield Highland Pipers, classic Hindu dancers, Romanian dancers, Funfair and free food tasting from around the world. In addition, other charities were present providing local information from their stalls. The event closed with Khalida Luqman, The CEO of Tassibee completing the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Khalida said “The celebrate event brought people together from the community, through food, entertainment and art people celebrated diversity and learnt appreciated different cultures”

Sarah Champion MP said “I have loved today, this is the best of Rotherham.  It’s celebrating diversity; its bringing the whole community together in a real safe celebration.  It is what we need more of in the town, it is what our town is about.  Not the diversion you see on the news”

Les Selby, a visitor to the event commented “It is wonderful to see the different children from different cultures playing together, as a team, in the Rotherham United football pitch”

Mayor of Rotherham commented later in the week “It was such a great event that I stayed even longer than planned.  So many people from so many backgrounds all uniting together at this brilliant event plus the food was amazing”.