Direct Payments

Direct Payments provides the opportunity for people to have control over their day to day life through flexible care arrangements. Instead of the council providing the care services, the money is given to the individual so that they can buy the care they need and choose the kind of support that is right for them.

If you are receiving Direct Payments from Rotherham Council, we can help provide you with support with your care package.

Tassibee employs a team of support workers, who can work with you if you are receiving direct payments, so you can lead more independent lives as part of your care plan.

Our support workers can help:

  • By providing a sitting service
  • Assisting you with your shopping
  • Helping to get you to the doctors or hospital appointments
  • Acting as translator
  • Transport you to appointments and social activities
  • Providing you with emotional support and advocacy

AB has had a very difficult life; personal circumstances have caused her to suffer with severe depression and anxiety.
She came to Tassibee through the direct payment service and the staff supported her with her application and encouraged her to attend the Prayer Session and the TACS sessions.
She particularly enjoyed attending the sessions where we had guest speakers, this helped her to understand spoken English better and she was able to ask questions and gain answers.
She has taken part in the craft sessions and now attends every event organised by Tassibee or local partners. She is a regular attender at the Friday Prayer session and helps others. She is now supporting her daughter who is suffering from depression, to access services through Tassibee. Her confidence levels have increased, and she keeps asking for a trip abroad to enable her to go on Umra.

If you are not receiving Direct Payments and have care needs and are interested, contact us and we will see how we can help you to set this up.