Direct Payments

Tassibee’s support service prides itself on being client centred.

We aim to ensure that our clients retain their independence and we work with the client and their family to ensure that all necessary information is shared. Tassibee matches the staff and clients to ensure a balanced service is provided, that both the client and their family are happy. Communication is the key and we are proud that our clients are very happy with their support workers.

To ensure a smooth ongoing service, update meetings are held regularly to ensure that the higher standard of care is delivered, and continuity of care is provided.

Tassibee staff are trained and equipped to help clients with social outings, general appointments, shopping trips, health and wellbeing, exercise and personal paperwork, reading or writing, assisting with cooking preparations, and helping them to become more independent.

Working in conjunction with the Direct Payments Team at RMBC, Tassibee is able to refer clients for assessment if they qualify for assistance under the programme. This can vary so it is best to ring and make an enquiry to see if you qualify.

Waiting for an assessment can be time consuming but Tassibee will keep in touch until such time as a decision is made. We provide help with the language barrier as we are specialists in helping those from the BME community.

If you are unsure if you may qualify for assessment, please feel free to contact us and speak to Yasmeen. We are currently at a 95% success rate with referrals.

AB has had a very difficult life; personal circumstances have caused her to suffer with severe depression and anxiety.

She came to Tassibee through the direct payment service and the staff supported her with her application and encouraged her to attend the Prayer Session and the TACS sessions.

She particularly enjoyed attending the sessions where we had guest speakers, this helped her to understand spoken English better and she was able to ask questions and gain answers.

She has taken part in the craft sessions and now attends every event organised by Tassibee or local partners. She is a regular attender at the Friday Prayer session and helps others. She is now supporting her daughter who is suffering from depression, to access services through Tassibee. Her confidence levels have increased, and she keeps asking for a trip abroad to enable her to go on Umra.