Friday Luncheon and Pray Group

Every Friday Tassibee organises a prayer session for the ladies from the local community to gather to pray together.

The prayer sessions gives them an opportunity to socialise and make friends.

The group also promotes healthy food and cooking on a budget. A meal is provided at the end of the prayer session for a some fee of £1.

If you would like more information, please contact us

AS is 68 years old and has been coming to Tassibee for over 15 years. She suffers from depression. She really looks forward to Fridays, as she spends most of her time at home alone and doesn’t go out.

“Friday is the only day I make an effort with my appearance. I really enjoy coming to Tassibee as I get to meet other women of my own age; who speak my language and I have learned how to cook and eat healthier over the years due to the lunch provided. If this session stopped I would never get to go out”