Friday Luncheon and Prayer Group

Every Friday Tassibee organises a prayer and luncheon session for the women from the local community to gather to pray together and have discussions around different topics.

This gives the ladies within the local community the chance to gather together to socialise and help each other with any problems they may face, e.g., Hate Crime – this is something the ladies are unable to tackle for themselves and suffer from regularly. Coming together helps them cope and they can talk about it and get advice from the Tassibee staff.

The group also promotes healthy food and cooking on a budget. A meal is provided at the end of the prayer session for a some fee of £1.

I started coming to the prayer sessions many years ago. Before I started coming to this session I was always feeling low in mood and had no energy and didn’t want to go out of my house. As a result of attending these prayer sessions, I have become very involved in the activities at Tassibee. I still attend the prayer sessions but now I take part in the TACS project, do craft activities, take part in exercise sessions and learn about health and wellbeing. I have made lots of new friends and feel that by attending the Tassibee Centre, my confidence has grown and I now feel much better about leaving the house.

If you would like more information, please contact us