WellBeing Programme

The Tassibee WellBeing Programme provides an opportunity to bring women together to try out new activities in a safe ENVIRONMENT.

These services are open to all women.

Life Skills (Mondays & Thursdays)

The purpose of these classes is to learn essential life skills to tackle daily challenges identified by our members. It will also provide you with an opportunity to improve your English.

From September until December 2019 we will be focusing on issues you face with Banking e.g. dealing with Paperwork – application forms, payment slips; providing ID; using bank cards, chequebooks; setting up standing orders and direct debits; using bank cash machines and help desks; online shopping using debit card. We will have representatives visting from Co-op Bank and Yorkshire Bank. These sessions will also offer an opportunity to improving your reading and spoken English.

We will run the sessions on Monday with Sat Nadar and Yasmeen. Yasmeen will also offer additional sessions on Thursdays for women who needing extra support with their English.

Creative & Health awareness (Mondays)

These sessions offer you an opportunity to get creative or join in on our pampering sessions. We have recently run sessions on card making, canvas painting, head and hand massages.

We also invite guest speakers come along and talk about relevant health and social issues, offering advice and tips on how to manage the condition and offer you an opportunity to ask questions. We have had a range of speakers talking about Cancer screening and spotting early signs, Dementia, Fire Safety, First Aid, Age UK to mention a few.

Health & Fitness (Mondays & Wednesdays)

These sessions focus on offering light exercise to help your mobility and relaxation. During the summer months we ran a walking group and trips to parks on the outskirts of Rotherham. We have just started running Yoga sessions.

All our sessions give you an opportunity to practice English and try out different activities in a safe and supported environment. Check out what is happening over the next month If you would like more information Contact Us