ESOL and English Classes

Tassibee runs English classes on a regular basis as there is a really big demand for them by the local communities.

An English Class in action

The main aims of the English Classes are to enable ladies of all ages and abilities to learn to speak and listen to the English language. Some also want to improve their writing skills.

We accommodate their needs and offer support workers to help the tutor because of the variations in the levels of learning.

These sessions also help to tackle socially isolation and low self-esteem.

Mrs Mharoof Shares her Experiences as a Tassibee User

Listen to Mrs Mharoof who has been coming to Tassibee for over 8 years, as she observes that Tassibee is a place where she offloads her stress, finds peace, renewed and refreshed spiritually.  She attended Tassibee English class and since then she has learned how to write and speak English.  Talking with other women who speak her only language gives her a sense of belonging and identity.