EID and TACS Launch Party

Tassibee held their annual EID  and Official TACS Project Launch PARTY on 12th June.

A total of 75 women attended the party along with local partners, VAR, Barnardo’s and RotherFed who all had information stalls at the event.
Many thanks to Tesco and Asda who provided much needed food and refreshment donations which enabled the women to enjoy a healthy meal after the party celebrations.

We have been very fortunate to have been granted an additional 3 years of funding from the Community Fund (formerly known as National Lottery Fund) to continue with the Tassibee Advocacy and Community Support Programme.

The programme will focus on user led sessions and we have quite a few women who have been on the journey with us from Year 1 who are now keen to explore their talents and teach what they have learnt to new women coming along to Tassibee.

Exciting sessions have been planned along with the Health and Wellbeing, we now have our very own Yoga Instruction who is keen to encourage more women to take up this relaxing activity which is also fabulous for their general health.

Cllr Rose McNeeley and Cllr Sagir Alam both attended the celebration and Tassibee are very grateful for the support they both give to Tassibee.  Both are keen to retain strong links with Tassibee and both openly encourage local community members to attend the sessions.  5 volunteers were awarded with certifications of appreciation and 5 further volunteers received flowers for their contribution to the classes which were held during the month of Ramadan.

Lovely event as always  and looking forward to working with you.