Have A Calm and Peaceful December

At this time of the year, it is always such a busy time. The days have become shorter, so there is less daylight and it can feel that we never have the time to just stop and relax. When we keep going, we may feel, we may feel we are getting burnt out.

Burnout is when we have been under a lot of stress for a significant amount of time. The symptoms are exhaustion, lack of motivation, frustration or other negative emotions, cognitive problems – forgetfulness, health problems, not taking care of yourself, getting into more conflicts with people at home or at work.

There are many tools in Kundalini Yoga to give us the space to feel rejuvenated and centred. The meditation for burnout is a wonderful tool to bring us back in balance.

We will be experiencing these powerful and uplifting tools every week in the yoga and meditation classes every Monday 1.30-2.30pm and Wednesday 10-11am at Tassibee.

Join us for an uplifting session and a cup of warming yogi tea afterwards.

Meditation for Burn-Out

This is the best thing to do when you think you are getting burned out. The mudra is a dormant state of energy. We totally zero our authoritative magnetic field.

Practice this meditation only when there is time to remain still and relaxed upon completion

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

Mudra: Fold the thumbs across the palms of each hand until the thumb tips rest at the base of the Mercury (ring) finger. Bring the backs of the hands together in front of the Heart Center and press them together firmly. The upper hands are not as closely pressed together as the backs of the fingers. Keep the arms comfortable and relaxed, and the elbows as loose as possible.

Breath: Deeply inhale in 8 equal parts through the nose. Completely exhale in 8 equal parts.

Eyes: Focus at the tip of the nose.

Time: Begin by practicing this meditation for 11 minutes. When you feel competent at this time, increase to 22 minutes. Then increase to 31 minutes.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan – This kriya can be found in KRIYA, available through KRI.