New Course starting this September – Life Skills Classes

The purpose of these classes is to learn essential life skills to tackle daily challenges identified by our members. It also provides you with an opportunity to improve your English.

From September until December we will be focusing on issues you face with Banking e.g. dealing with paperwork – application forms, payment slips; providing ID; using bank cards, chequebooks; setting up standing orders and direct debits; using bank cash machines and help desks; online shopping using debit card.

These sessions will use range a learning methods including working with practical documents; role playing; visits to banks; learning computer skills and improving your reading and spoken English.

We will run the sessions on Monday with Sat Nadar and Yasmeen. Yasmeen will also offer additional sessions on Thursdays for women who needing extra support with their English. Sessions will run 9:30 – 11:30.

If you are interested in joining these classes, please contact Tassibee on 01709 377750