Tassibee Facebook support during Ramadan

During this time of Ramadan, also this time of lockdown, our own Sat Nadar will be posting information, videos, and links that may support you in your life on our Tassibee Facebook page.

The body, mind and spirit are inextricably linked and for us to be healthy and balanced it is beneficial for us to find what works for us because we are all different.

Her posts are aimed at guiding you to certain points that may support you through this sacred time of fasting and prayer as well as staying at home this year. Sat Nadar will also be sharing videos on the breath – that give you tools to keep your mind balanced and keep you centred.

We hope you will enjoy the posts and videos, please give me Sat Nadar feedback and keep in touch.  You can contact Sat Nadar at satnadar@tassibee.co.uk if you have any questions or want to give her feedback.

Follow us on Tassibee Facebook and access Sat Nadar’s posts.