Yoga Taster Sessions – Manage Your Stress Better

Would you like to manage your stress better?

Learn to use simple yogic technology that refreshes your spirit, energises your physical body and brings calmness to the mind.  This yoga is for everyone, young mother’s who have little time for themselves, women who are going through changes in their body, so they can help support their hormones and older women who feel they would like more energy and re-vitalise themselves.

Mondays taster sessions -Starting 3rd December 1.30-2.30pm.

You will begin with simple breathing techniques that will change the way you see yourself and give you a completely different perspective of yourself. You will learn about fundamental postures to support your mind, body and spirit – allowing you to feel more relaxed and peaceful. We will end the session with a warming cup of Yogi Tea. The health benefits of this heavenly cup of tea is great for your digestion and its known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Wednesday TAster Sessions – starting 5th December 10–11am

You will learn how to bring more energy into your body through the breath of fire, which has many benefits – cleans your blood, supports your nervous system and enlarges your lung capacity. You will also learn a way of bringing the sun energy into your body as you go more into the winter months and how just 3 minutes of breath and movement can uplift your moods.