Covid-19 Food Parcels Appeal

As in the UK, Pakistan is now in lockdown because of COVID 19, and the parents of most of the girls’ families have lost their jobs. Unlike in the UK there is no welfare system so many girls are living in households with no food and no means of obtaining any because of the lockdown.

In response, the headteacher, staff and local volunteers who run the school have decided to bulk-buy staple foods to make up and deliver food parcels to the most vulnerable households. Each food parcel will contain enough flour, rice, dhal, chickpeas and sugar to keep the family going for 4 weeks.

Each food parcel costs £20, which is a considerable amount of money in Pakistan (The basic annual running costs for the school are only 12K). The UK school fundraising group has launched  a special fund-raising appeal to support this potentially life-saving work.

If you would like to contribute  please send a donation by BACS for Tassibee Girls School Fund:

sort code 05 07 32 

account number 22288469. 

and quote the Reference as TGS Food Parcels

Click on Making a Donation for other information on setting up a donation for Tassibee Girls School.

Thank you your support