Making A Donation

How YOu can make a huge difference

Tasibeh Girls School relies on donations and funds raised by the Tasibeh Girls School Fund charity to cover the costs of running the school.

You can help by either:

  • Completing and returning a One-off Donation Form with your donation
  • Completing a Monthly Donation Form – If you wish to make regular monthly debit payments

TGS One-off donation form

TSG Monthly Donation Form

Thank you for helping to make a difference to the lives of the Tasibeh girls in Pakistan.

We could use your donations to help purchase the following items for the Tasibeh Girls School
£15    We can now buy a chair for the new classrooms or 20 pk of ready mixed paints for nursery class £25    Set of Bean Bags for team games or 100 pk of exercise books
£50    We can now buy a white board or a table for the new classroom £60    We can now buy pack of 10 books for the classroom library
£75    We can now buy a flipchart for the classrooms £100 We can now buy storage for the classrooms
£200 We can now buy a bookcase for the classrooms £350 Laptop
£80    Fund a place for a girl’s education for one year £720 Funds a teacher for a year