Sadaqah Jariyah Project – Completed 2019

The Mosque is for the Men – women don’t have a place.  Please support and give them the opportunity to share and learn the knowledge of Islam in a safe environment.

TGS have a Friday prayer session and as part of this, local women gather together (80-95 women).   The girls who are in Hafiz class facilitate the prayer session with the help of the women from the community.   They come from six different villages in the surrounding area.

The session consists of

  • Reading and translating the Quran
  • Talk – different topics to the Quran and Sunna
  • Reading the prayer and sharing information, having a discussion

The school provides light refreshment every Friday and once a month the women receive a small bag of rice to eat whilst there or they can take it home.

The room in the school is now much too small as the group has grown over the years from 40 women attending to 80-95 women attending now.  During Ramadan month over 300+ women will attend.   There is a need for the women to come together and have their own place.  Where they can have talks, do their prayers and borrow books from a library on Islam in order to increase their learning.  This hall will also provide an opportunity for women (who have a death in their family) to come together as a group and read, they will be able to borrow the Qurans free of charge.   The room will also provide space for Islamic events for women, as you know in Pakistan, the women don’t have a place, the mosque is for the men.

Please support the women and give them the opportunity.  We are already in the process of building this hall but we need your help and support to ensure that it is completed.   We thank you donors for the bricks, the sand, the land, but we need now more funding to do the internal work to complete the Hall.

We are appealing for money, prayer mats, carpet,tiles, plaster, plants for the garden, and all the electrical equipment needed, ie, fans, quarans and Islmanic books. Etc.  This will cost £15,000.  The total Project Cost was £28,000 but we have already raised nearly half of this so the building work has begun.

Please support the women and give them the opportunity. Click on the link to Make A Donation