Tassibee Litter Pick

13 volunteers set off for Albion Road on the hunt for litter last week.

They weren’t disappointed and soon found what they were looking for.  Strewn on the pathway outside the houses was discarded fruit, Yasmeen attempted to get some of the householders out of their homes to help with the clean up but they weren’t keen.  Hopefully the volunteers clearing the area will encourage them not to discard their litter outside  of their gates.


A total of 12 bags of little was collected, not bad for a couple of hours on a Wednesday morning during the school holidays.

Thanks to our younger volunteers, its lovely to see them getting involved, Saffa, Shafiyah and Rhianna were rewarded back at Tassibee.

They had a lovely time and Shafiyah said it is very important not to leave litter, especially plastic, it is causing so much damage to the environment.  She would like to see everyone clear up after themselves.


Huge thank you to Yasmeen and Sat Nadar for organising the litter pick and also to RotherFed who provided funding back in April to purchase the equipment needed.

Litter pick took place on 7th August 2019. This is the second Litter pick Tassibee has organised this year. If you would like to be involved in the next one, please contact us.