Summer is Here

Believe it or not we are half way through the year and the Summer is here!!

This is a time of outward expression of energy, expansiveness, movement and activity. It is a time of the HEART, JOY, PASSION and the element of FIRE.

So, this means it’s a great to get outside, while nature is at its best, and the days are longer and the sun is shining longer – this helps us feel lighter and more grounded. Its also a great time to be with friends and family, sharing food, and having fun.

This  month its also a good idea to strengthen our immune system and aura. The arc line is a halo that stretches around our forehead earlobe to earlobe. For women, we have an extra arc line that runs from nipple to nipple, giving us extra intuition.  This arc line when it is strong will help us guide our life a bit like a steering wheel. The aura is made up of light around your body, reflecting our state of mind and body.

So in our Monday and Wednesday classes, we are going to be focus on strengthening both our arc line and auric fields. We are also going to be using the breath to bring in more prana and vitality into our bodies. A great meditation to practice this month is the divine shield meditation which is a beautiful meditation for protection and positivity – 

Looking forward to see you at Tassibee this month, for walks around Rotherham and yoga classes and healthy eating!!

Contact Sat Nadar for more information.